Experience an exclusive gathering place in the heart of downtown Stamford, Connecticut.
Welcome to the Agora Spa at The Stamford Marriott Hotel. We've taken our name and inspiration from the Greek word, agora, meaning to gather. The ancient agoras of Greece were renowned as popular gathering places. The Agora Spa is destined to follow suit by offering our guests the perfect getaway.

Agora Spa at The Stamford Marriott Hotel was named one of spAWARDS Top 100 Spas in America for 2012.

Agora Spa has been recognized for excellence in the health and wellness industry by receiving the Top 100 Spas in America for 2012 spAWARD.


Going above and beyond to exceed our Guest Expectations is truly our honour.
Winning a spAWARD is a remarkable achievement in this industry, says Roger Sholanki, CEO of spa software company Book4Time.

It shows you are a trusted brand with an innovative approach to business.

Website: www.spAWARDS.ca
Twitter: @thespAWARDS

Hours of Operation: 
As of April 20th, 2015
Open 4 days a week.
Monday, and Friday:                  10:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday:                                    10:00AM - 7:00PM
Sunday:                                       10:00AM - 6:00PM
Closed: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday





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Agora Spa
243 Tresser Blvd.
Stamford, CT 06901
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